097 – The Other Bartowski

Is it really a curse to be a Bartowski? Not if you've met Ellie! In Chuck vs. the Curse, Ellie stole the show, as she & Devon were unwittingly whisked into the spy world. Rebecca Romijn shone as the evil lady torturer, Alex had some tricks up her sleeve, and Sarah got to kick some butt rescuing her husband… Ladies night on Chuck got thumbs up from all of us! Next week features Stan Lee, the return of a serious villain, lots of surprises, and… another holiday podcast extravaganza! Remember to watch Chuck every Friday night at 8/7c, including during the holidays, as we prepare for the 2-part finale January 27th. Watch for the holiday podcast by Christmas eve. Visit Chuckazon to pre-order Chuck season 5, and while you're there, there are lots of great gift ideas for Chuck fans (including yourself). Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates - @chucktvdotnet, @prlsoflizdom, and @GrayJones. ----- Subscribe on YouTube for the full playlist of episodes, and follow Gray on Twitter for podcast updates!

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