094 – Frosted Tips

We finally get to see bullet time on Chuck, and things heat up with Gertrude and Casey. A major development with Jeff Barnes, and… pantsing? Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips gets thumbs up from Gray, Mel, and Liz, and we're all incredibly excited about what Chuck writer Phil Klemmer says will be a very strong run of episodes coming up! We also discuss the ratings, the lack of Chuck online, and what could be some potential good news about air dates before the holidays. BREAKING NEWS that didn't make it into the podcast: NBC announced their mid-season schedule, and Chuck will be airing its 2 final episodes back to back on January 27, 2012. Don't worry, we'll have some post-finale send-off interviews to soften the blow. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates - @chucktvdotnet, @prlsoflizdom, and @GrayJones. ----- Subscribe on YouTube for the full playlist of episodes, and follow Gray on Twitter for podcast updates!

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