Episode 020 – It’s Rally Time

Hold on to your hats — this week’s podcast features interviews with 16 of the cast and creative team behind Chuck. From London, New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles, they were all eager to reach out and share their gratitude for the fan campaigns, excitement about the finale, and passion for the show.

Hear how they are getting involved too… behind the scenes stories… clues about the finale and their plans for Chuck’s future… and most of all, how you can help NBC make the right decision, and renew Chuck for a third season.

This Monday night is our last chance to boost the ratings before NBC makes their decision, so do whatever you can to get people to watch! And no matter where you are in the world this Monday, go to your nearest Subway and buy a $5 Footlong, fill out a comment card telling them you’re supporting Chuck, and enjoy the sub while you watch the game changing finale!

Visit ChuckTV.net for more details on the campaigns.


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