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Click the logo on the left to launch Chuckazon US or Canada, and the one on the right to order Chuck vs. the Podcast T-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise.

NEW! Click the logos in the middle to browse the full web sites or or!

Also, at any time while you are at Chuckazon, you can click the “” or “” logo in the sidebar, and continue shopping on Amazon’s full site. Your cart from Chuckazon will carry over, and your purchases will all help support the podcast. Did you know that even mp3 music downloads and videos on demand can help the podcast?

With free shipping over $25, this can actually save you gas and time for your gift shopping for Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions. Please consider using Chuckazon and the podcast merchandise to support the podcast with your purchase!

The Chuckazon embedded store is powered by, and the podcast merchandise is sold by You can trust the payment process, because you are ordering directly from and CafePress.  If you have any questions please send them to

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