How to listen (new for 2010):

If you watch on an iPod, iPhone, or AppleTV you can view enhanced AAC or enhanced video, which lets you skip from chapter to chapter.  To do this, simply use iTunes (free download from Apple: iTunes). See the “How to subscribe” section below for links.

IMPORTANT: If the title in your iTunes says “Chuck vs. the Podcast (Enhanced AAC)” you need to unsubscribe and then resubscribe to the new “Chuck vs. the Podcast” (no brackets) feed.  You can use this link or search for “Chuck vs. the Podcast” at the iTunes Store and choose the version without brackets.  The old “Enhanced AAC” feed is being discontinued, as it costs us money for bandwidth.

* Support us at no cost with Blip.tv * If you are going to watch on a computer anyway, why not support us at the same time?  When you watch at Blip.tv, we don’t pay for the bandwidth, and any ads you view or click give us a little bit of revenue.  Just follow the Blip.tv links in each podcast post, or go to our main chuckpodcast page there.

* AUDIO-ONLY * We will always provide an audio-only version of the podcast, for safety while driving. You can subscribe in iTunes by using this link or searching for “Chuck vs. the Podcast (mp3)” in the iTunes Store. For non-Apple players you can use this RSS link.   You can also manually download mp3 files from each episode’s post.

How to subscribe:

Subscribe-Blip feed





How to support us:

Because of the recent sharp increase in listeners, our yearly costs are now well over $1,300.  Though sponsors now cover a portion of our expenses, the majority is still out of pocket.  We do not have any ads on our site, as they do not work when most people access the podcast through Blip.tv or iTunes.  Because of this, we have several options for supporting us at our Buy/Support page.

You can also support us by watching at Blip.tv, visiting our sponsors, voting monthly at Podcast Alley, and leaving positive comments at Podcast Alley and the iTunes Store.

We greatly appreciate your support!

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