102 – The Final Countdown

Chuck vs. the Bullet Train was an absolute roller coaster. It kept us at the edge of our seats, right to the bitter end… literally! What will happen to Sarah? Will the sinister Quinn succeed at stealing Chuck's life away? We only have two back-to-back episodes to find out, and then Chuck is gone for good. And that brings up something important to consider… As fans of the show, Chuck and its cast and crew (both on and off screen) have become like close friends. It may seem odd to describe it this way, but you may indeed be experiencing extreme emotions of real grief. We devote some time in the podcast to talking about what this grief might look like, and how we can help each other get through it. This will be an exciting week… watch ChuckTV.net for some amazing give-aways, including actual wardrobe pieces from the show. Also, ChuckTV.net, CNN.com, NBC.com and many other websites will be having special features this week. Here are just a few: CNN: Vik SahayAdam BaldwinYvonne StrahovskiJoshua GomezZachary Levi As you plan your viewing parties (and stock up on the Kleenex), make sure you also plan to take some photos and send them in. Let's honor Chuck and have a grand old time, complete with Subway sandwiches, cheese balls, grape soda, Buy More gear, and any other creative ideas you can think of! If you're in Toronto, SEND AN EMAIL if you want to join Gray's viewing party. Visit Chuckazon to pre-order Chuck season 5, and support us on our home stretch! Make sure to watch Chuck this Friday at 8/7c on NBC, for the 2-part series finale. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates - @chucktvdotnet, @prlsoflizdom, and @GrayJones. ----- Subscribe on YouTube for the full playlist of episodes, and follow Gray on Twitter for podcast updates!

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