101 – Funny, Funny, Funny, SHOCK!

Chuck vs. Bo was a hilarious instalment in the Chuck saga, with Bo Derek playing herself as a spy, a return to the frosted tips, and Groundhog Day-style capers by Jeff & Lester. However, the end of the episode spun us in an unexpected new direction: to escape a tough situation and to save her beau, Sarah has now uploaded an intersect. Oh, no! It's coming close to series finale time… As you plan your viewing parties (and stock up on the Kleenex), make sure you also plan to take some photos and send them in. Let's honor Chuck and have a grand old time, complete with Subway sandwiches, cheese balls, grape soda, Buy More gear, and any other creative ideas you can think of! Visit Chuckazon to pre-order Chuck season 5, and support us on our home stretch! Make sure to watch Chuck on Fridays at 8/7c on NBC, right up to the 2-part series finale on January 27th. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates - @chucktvdotnet, @prlsoflizdom, and @GrayJones. ----- Subscribe on YouTube for the full playlist of episodes, and follow Gray on Twitter for podcast updates!

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