Chuck Season 3 starts tonight! And again tomorrow!

Chuck Season 3- No More Mr. Nice Spy!
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Chuck is back tonight!  Set your DVR, plan your viewing parties, call your family and friends, and don’t miss out on on not one, not two, but three hours of Chuck action between today and tomorrow.

Two back-to-back episodes play tonight, Sunday Jan. 10, at 9/8c on NBC.  Then, there is a third episode tomorrow night at 8/7c, which happens to be Chuck’s season 3 time slot, exactly the same as it was in season 1 and 2 — Monday nights at 8/7c.

Please check your local listings to verify when and where it is playing in your area!

Also, please call your friends and family, Facebook, Twitter, email, and do whatever else you can to spread the word.

Chuck creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak, as well as star Zachary Levi and many critics who have seen the first few episodes have said that even someone who has never seen Chuck can hit the ground running with season 3, without needing to have watched season 1 and 2.  Having seen some of the episodes myself in L.A., I assure you that’s true!

Plus, Chuck’s “Matrix-style” new abilities and “No More Mr. Nice Spy” attitude might just appeal to a broader range of people.  Never fear, Chuck’s nerdiness and clumsiness are never going away, and the Buy More antics are as funny as ever.

Let’s make sure Chuck’s season 3 ratings are much higher than last year!


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