076 – Holiday Extravaganza – 35 Guests (HD)

Timothy Dalton, Scott Bakula, Matt Bomer… These are just a few of the whopping 35 guests in our holiday extravaganza! To celebrate the occasion, Gray went all out, with broadcast quality greenscreen and 3D graphics, in full HD. This episode promises to bring the kid out in you… and thoroughly entertain any kids around!

We hear from all the writers on Chuck, all of the regular cast, several crew members and guest stars, and many who have left the show, both cast and writers. Julia Ling reads a funny Chuck-themed poem she wrote, several of the cast leave messages in character, and there’s a game show you’re sure to want to play!

We hope you have a lot of fun with this episode, and enjoy it again and again. Be sure to take advantage of full widescreen HD quality by viewing it at chuckpodcast.blip.tv, in full screen mode. And please share about it with all your Chuck-loving friends and family, via Facebook, Twitter, email, and word of mouth!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday, from all of us at Chuck vs. the Podcast and ChuckTV.net!

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