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Not be outdone by his co-writer Lauren LeFranc’s recent Q&A, Rafe Judkins emailed my a few days ago to say he would take questions too. The twitterverse jumped on the chance, and gave a pile of great questions. Here are his answers!


Chuck writer Rafe Judkins
Chuck writer Rafe Judkins - Click to enlarge

1. Amy Berg: Tell Rafe I say hello. He was my PA on The 4400. Love that guy.

Rafe: Amy!!!  I love you too.

2. @MattG1978: What role, if any, does feedback from the cast members play when writers–particularly new ones–create new material?

Rafe: Especially because Lauren and I were new writers on the show last season, we definitely tried to listen to what the actors had to say about who their characters are and what kind of decisions they would make.  Zach, Yvonne, Sarah, Ryan, you know, they’ve been here since Day 1, so they know these characters better than anyone.  For instance, Yvonne had mentioned to us that she was hoping to try a little more comedy once Sarah and Chuck were together, that that might loosen up her character a little, so we tried to put some of that into Chuck vs. the Honeymooners based on that conversation.

Bailey for Greta
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Rafe: Is this picture a question?  It’s amazing!

3. @LittleChuckFan: Which #Chuck character are u the most like? Please don’t say Jeff : )

Rafe: Hm… never thought of this before.  My kung fu skills are considerable, though, so I’d probably have to say Sarah.

4. @LittleChuckFan: Which character is your favorite?

Rafe: Sarah.  Don’t read into that 🙂

5. @LittleChuckFan: If I personally promise to be their Twitter bodyguards, would he and Lauren consider joining Twitter? Pretty plz

Rafe: If only we could figure out how it works!  All the @’s and #’s leave me bewildered.  You should bug Lauren about it though.

6. @remilma: Is there any chance Gary Cole will reprise the role of Sarah’s father ?

Rafe: We talk all the time about bringing him back for another Sarah-backstory episode, so there’s definitely a chance.

7. @SooperpowerTV: Does he have any pull to get Jennifer Garner cast?

Rafe: Does SuperPowerTV know my deepest secrets??  Jennifer Garner is my celebrity crush.  If I could cast her in an episode it would make my life.  I will use any power I wield to make that happen.  Sadly, I wield almost zero power.

8. @anniepatterson: When is he joining the fandom on Twitter?

Rafe: Is this considered joining?  maybe? 😀

9. Lou (OldDarth): Who is his fav character to write?

Rafe: I love to write Sarah/Morgan scenes for some reason.  I like seeing two characters who never get scenes together.  There’s one of these coming in Episode 307 🙂

10. Lou (OldDarth): Guest star he is most excited to write for?

Rafe: Lind-Ham!  How can someone not be excited about that?

11. Lou (OldDarth): Dalton – a Bryce or a Daniel?

Rafe: Bryce.  Only due to extremely dreamy eyes.

12. Lou (OldDarth): What’s your favorite genre to read?

Rafe: I like epic fantasy stuff, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc.  But I’ll read most anything.  Right now I’m reading Guns, Germs, and Steel;  His Majesty’s Dragon; Under the Banner of Heaven; and the Lonely Planet Guide to China.

13. Lou (OldDarth): Any plans, desires to write a book? Direct? Act?

Rafe: I’d love to write a book, no real interest in directing or acting though.

14. Lou (OldDarth): Please get someone to take up Ali’s spot as fan liason. (hint)

Rafe: No one can ever fill Adler’s shoes!

15. Lou (OldDarth): If more eps are ordered will there be separate 13/N arcs again?

Rafe: Most likely, we found that that worked really well last season just from a storytelling perspective, so I think regardless of when/if we get a pick-up, we’ll try to tell this season’s story in a similar fashion.  Gives some heat to the middle episodes that can sometimes be doldrums on a series 🙂

16. Lou (OldDarth): Approx how many episodes will MamaB and Dalton be in?

Rafe: As many as we can possibly get them in!  (Yes, cop out answer, but you don’t want everything spoiled, do you? :))

17. @queuebert: if he can write any scene for Sarah, regardless of context, what would it be?

Rafe: I have always said that my only desire in life is to see Sarah emerge naked from a muddy lake in Laos with a knife between her teeth.  And then kick ridiculous amounts of ass.  And as of now, it seems like that scene may actually become a reality!

18. @nicolab123: thanks for this, Gray! (and thanks to Rafe too, of course) how about any writer/director/title info for episodes he can give?

Rafe: I think everything I’m allowed to give has been posted already to the Internet! 🙂

Rafe: Thanks so much for questions guys, sorry again for the delayed response!  Let me know if you have any more, I’m more than happy to talk Chuck 🙂


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  1. Next time you have a Q session with Rafe Please ask Him For me “Is there any way the writers can stop Chuck from Lying so Much?” Chuck Fans don’t like it.

  2. I’d like to see Casey put way out of his comfort zone; have to act/behave out of character. Comedy gold :-). Also it would be great character development. Especially if he’s reconnecting to Kathleen; then we can see more of Casey in love!

    I’d like to see more of Big Mike off duty. Who is he, apart from a lover and a keen angler?

    Who was/is Sarah’s mother? What happened to her?

  3. I would like to know more about Sarah, (or Sam). We know her father, but a few months ago I was thinking, what happens if Sarah has a sister? I think it wolud be awesome. And of course Sarah’s “sister” could’nt know that she was a spy.
    I think that we would get to know Sarah better in a really unexpected way (Thinking of her idenety and all).

    (I’m sorry for my broken english, ;))

  4. Thinking about killing off any main characters? Always juicy but I just get the feeling the writing staff doesnt hav it in them

  5. Who came up with the Charles Carmicheal thing cause i think thats absolutely hilarious especially when he says it in sean connerys accent

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