Nominated for Podcast Awards! Daily voting Nov. 13-30 [UPDATED]

Thanks to all of your submissions, Chuck vs. the Podcast has been nominated for this year’s Podcast Awards, in the Entertainment category!

As the graphic says, daily voting has started, and it ends November 30th.  I stress “daily” — a single vote won’t do the trick, so if you could please make this a daily activity for this 18-day period, it would be greatly appreciated.

As mentioned before, a win in this contest will help both my Warner Bros pitch and my U.S. visa application.  It will also help raise awareness for Chuck, and to attract many new viewers to both Chuck and the podcast.

We also want to remind you to please get your November vote in at Podcast Alley.  Last month we hit an amazing high, thanks to you, but this month we are neck and neck with the Fringe podcast.

Nov. 13th, we will be releasing our interactive podcast with Julia Ling, and the following Friday, Nov. 20th, will feature Mel’s interview with Vik Sahay.  Expect lots of great interviews over the coming weeks!



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