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When Chuck writer Lauren LeFranc broke the news to me about all of the changes in the Chuck writers room, she was gracious enough to let me open the floor to fans for questions on Twitter. She was surprised by how many came in under 30 minutes, but answered them all…  Here are the results of the Q&A!


1. Could you ask Lauren what epis she’s writing & titles? (asked by 2 people)
  • Rafe and I are writing episode 2: Chuck Versus The Suitcase.  We are also writing episode 7, but don’t have a title for that one yet.
2. What new writers have been hired? (asked by 3 people)
3. When are they gonna get on twitter? (asked by 3 people)
  • I think I’m twitter inept, but Rafe should be harassed to get on it =)
4. Title of 4.03?
  • 403’s title is: Chuck Versus The Cubic Z
5. Something she’d change from S3 if there was a rewind button
  • Well we all know how everyone feels about Shaw, but everything that was done in Season 3 was important for all the characters’ growth.  And who knows if Chuck and Sarah would be together if Shaw hadn’t been around… Okay, they probably would be, but still!
6. Will Lauren be writing any Sarah backstory this season?
  • There should be some Sarah backstory coming up, but not sure if Rafe and I will get to write it.  Though every writer, no matter who’s writing which episode, is involved in breaking the story.
7. Will she and Rafe be writing solo as well as together?
  • Rafe and I are a writing team so we are sort of a package deal, as we’re hired together.  So you’ll probably never see a script with only one of our names on it =)
8. Did casting of Linda Hamilton change how MamaB role was originally conceived?
  • Linda Hamilton was perfectly cast for the role of Mama B.  Enough said? 😉
9. Is Greta an acronym?
  • That’s a Fedak question =)
10. How will the new writers approach the task of writing material for returning characters created by past writers?
  • Our new writers should probably answer this one, but when Rafe and I came on last season we studied the characters and the material.  And they’re doing the same.  Plus, they’re all fans of Chuck so it makes it a lot easier.
11. Will you pick a city in Canada for one of the Chuck EP’s this season?
  • I hope our team heads to Canada this season. It’ll just depend on how cold it is there.  Any city suggestions?
12. How is Rafe?
  • Rafe is good.  Apart from me, I think he’s the best writing partner one can have 😉
13. Did everyone have fun brainstorming this season’s storyline?
  • We’re all having a ton of fun this season. You guys will really love the new writers!
14. Will the Orion Cave be referred to as the OC on #Chuck? 😉
  • Hadn’t thought of that before.  It should be!
15. Can we get another Christmas Episode
  • We’d all love to do another Christmas episode this season, but it’ll have to depend on our schedule.
16. Pass along thanks to her.
  • Thank you guys!  Get ready, Season 4 is gonna be awesome!

And that’s all she wrote!  Thanks again to Lauren for answering all of our questions, and for doing such a wonderful job writing Chuck! Please feel free to comment below.


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  1. Thanks so much to Lauren for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions and provide insight into Chuck Season 4 as only a show writer can. I appreciate the glimpse!

    Grey, thanks for keeping us fans so well connected to all aspects of the show we love so much. What other TV podcast offers viewpoints ranging from show runners to stars and everyone in between? None that I know of!

    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for all the hard work to keep everyone updated on their favorite show Gray! The questions sent are great and it’s awesome that Lauren took the time to answer them. Means a lot to us fans!

    Thank you so much and keep up with the terrific work on Chuck (both site and podcast) and on the TV Writer Podcast.

    Take care,

  3. Hey im from CANADA and here its not cold than you guys in America think it is (if ur canadian then im talking bout “them”). In the question that you ask if they could film in canada can it be in Ontario either Toronto or Mississauga (where I live)!!!!! EIther way it would be cool seeing them. I already meet the the actors in One Tree Hill (other fav show) and hoping i could meet wit them!!!!!

  4. If they come to Canada they should film the episode in Ottawa. It is where the Canadian Spy agencies are headquartered (CSIS & CSEC), plus the RCMP HQ, National Defense HQ and several military-run intelligence installations.

  5. Calgary! Come to Calgary!! They filmed Inception near Calgary, as well as several other less famous movies, so it’s awesome.

    Very excited for season 4. 😀


    (CALGARY, I’m telling you!)

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