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After seeing the TV Writer Twitter Database I put together for my TV Writer Podcast, many have asked for a similar Twitter community where Chuck fans can easily find each other.

I decided it would be easiest to run it as a “Twitter List.” This makes it much easier to understand and follow, and also easy to check if you’re already on it.



First, go to your profile page on Twitter. It should look something like this:

Sample Twitter profile page
Sample Twitter profile page - Click to enlarge

On the right, you should see a number with the word “listed” below it. That number tells how many Twitter lists include you (are “following” you). If you click on “listed” it brings up the following page:

Sample Twitter lists page
Sample Twitter lists page - Click to enlarge

Make sure that “Lists Following You” is active, and look to see if “@GrayJones/chuckfans” is on that page. If it is, you are already on the list. Skip ahead to the “Higher Rez Chuck Twibbons” section below.



If you’re not on the list, just follow me on Twitter, and send me a message asking to be added. I will not send you a confirmation tweet, but if you check the list within a few hours you should be on it.

Please check whether you’re on the list first before tweeting to ask me! And please don’t take it personally if you’re already following me and I haven’t added you. I only started this list recently, and haven’t been able to get through my older follows to add everyone yet.



If you need a “Chuck” Twibbon for your Twitter avatar (a Twibbon adds the word “Chuck” beneath your Twitter avatar), I don’t recommend using the Twibbon service, because it shrinks your profile image so that it can not be enlarged. If you have Photoshop or a similar graphic editing program, just use one of these black or red high resolution Chuck images:

Free high resolution Chuck banners
Free high resolution Chuck banners - Click to enlarge

Just cut one out and add it to your high resolution image. Now everyone will know you’re a Chuckster!



Programs like TweetDeck will actually let you create a feed just for one list — that way you could have a column just for your Chuck peeps and what they’re tweeting about. You can also view their tweets on the Twitter website by clicking here. You don’t even need a Twitter account to see the news!

To follow the list on your Twitter, CLICK HERE to open the list in a web browser. It should look like this:

Sample Twitter lists page
Sample Twitter lists page - Click to enlarge

Just click the “Follow” button on the upper left, and you can start tweeting with lots of new Chuck peeps!

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