Interactive podcast recording tonight! (UPDATED)

Interactive podcast tonight!
Interactive podcast tonight!

We’ll be recording the next episode of Chuck vs. the Podcast tonight, October 20, and we’re opening the floor to Chuck fans for questions! You can ask Gray questions about his recent trip to Los Angeles or just general Chuck-related questions.

We can’t promise that all questions will be answered – confidentiality clauses and all that – but we’ll do our best.

Make sure you’re watching on Twitter, as we’ll be having some surprise guests!

UPDATE:  Writer Phil Klemmer will field questions at 9pm EST, and editor Matt Barber will field questions at 9:30pm EST.

How to submit your questions:

1.  EMAIL – email questions to BEFORE 9pm EST TONIGHT, so we can gather them.
2.  TWITTER – live questions open at 9pm EST.  Gray will announce a “Live Questions Open” on his twitter at that time, and do his best to Twitter which question is being answered.
3.  SKYPE / LANDLINE – If you’d like, we can call you on Skype or your land-line and you can ask your question in person!  Email us with your name and phone number or Skype address before 9pm EST (also let us know an idea of what you will be asking), and we’ll call you between 9pm and 10pm EST.


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