IMPORTANT: Only “Limited Edition” DVD/Blu-Ray have 3D episode

S2 Limited Edition Blu Ray
Chuck Season 2 Limited Edition Blu Ray

Today’s the release day for the Chuck season 2 DVD and Blu-Ray!  Many got theirs in the mail today, and many ran out to the stores to find either good news or bad news, as the discs sold out very quickly in many places.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As many have been disappointed to discover (and I just found out today), only the discs marked “Limited Edition” have the 3D episode and 3D glasses (and a Chuck comic book as well).

Here are some places you can get the Limited Edition:


Best Buy USBest Buy


Best Buy USBest Buy Canada


Unfortunately, is not letting affiliates order the Limited Edition, so Chuckazon does NOT carry any titles with the 3D episode.  Please accept my apology if you ordered from Chuckazon and did not get the 3D episode.  We did not see this coming.


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2 thoughts on “IMPORTANT: Only “Limited Edition” DVD/Blu-Ray have 3D episode”

  1. I preordered Chuck s2 back in April. Just received it in the mail the other day. Received the “Limited edition” set,with the 3d glasses, but without the mini comic book. Paid the regular price for the set. Haven’t watched much of the episodes yet, but have watched the “Special Features.” My favorite is when Adam “John Casey” Baldwin did the webisode about stopping shoplifters. Once worked retail. All I can say is I WISH we could have done that! I actually laughed out loud!

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