Episode 068 – On Location

While we were sitting back with our cheese balls and grape soda watching the Chuck season premiere, Mel was in L.A. getting ready for an exciting day on location with Chuck! She’ll be rolling out many interviews over the coming weeks, and we’ve got the first one today, with Zachary Levi! She also has many cool stories about spending a day on a Chuck shoot.

We announce all the winners of our “Promote Chuck Season 4, Win Swag” contest. Plus, hear about the Live Chuck Chat on Monday nights, our comments about the Chuck season 4 premiere, spoilers, and much more!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 068 – On Location”

  1. I used to play your podcast on my Apple TV, it will not play your 3 last posts.. Have you changed your format?

    It plays on my computer, but I love watching your show, on my HD set, and having my computer open at the same time, checking on what you guys are talking about.

    Also what is the word, on iTunes for Season 4?

    Take Care,


  2. Hi,

    The compression is the same, but I’ve started giving them an “mp4” extension rather than “mov” to allow iPhone/iPod playback in embedded format on sites like ChuckTV.net and Blip.tv.

    Are you able to change the extension on your own? All you need to do is download it and give it “.mov” at the end.

    I suspect there are lots more people with iPods/iPhones than AppleTVs, so I think I will probably stay with the “mp4” extension.


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