Episode 059 – The Mamas & The Papas

Yowzer! If the end of Chuck season 2 was a game changer, the 3rd season finale replaces the game board! Chuck is rebooted, but his world is completely uprooted. We talk all about it!

Do you eye Chuck’s shoes enviously? Find out how you can win a pair of Chucks! And if you’re in the UK, tune in to Chuck season 3 on May 31st on Virgin One!

We also put out a call for support, as the new year of Chuck means a new year of server costs. Even tiny donations go a long way, and there are many other ways you can help. Find out more here.

We round out the episode with a ratings update, other news, and even some spoilers for season 4!


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4 thoughts on “Episode 059 – The Mamas & The Papas”

  1. can’t thank you guys more then the work that you do for us fans every week I loved the season Finale and if not for the last 1 minute this could have been a series final. Hell they blew up the BUYMORE, Jeffster is on the run, shaw is captured and never to be seen again(we hope!!!), Chuck and Sarah are together could be for along time, Casey has reconnected with his old Life and family, and last chuck Leaves the CIA as to Ellies wishes one nice neet package except add that last 1 minute and Wow! we have a cliffhanger for season 4. Sad to see Papa Bartowski(that if he is really dead, he has died before ala predator) go the way of so many other good charactors via a bullet to the heart If Chuck recieved an Intersect at such an early age why would it still be in him after the intersect was taken out him after season two. How about this due to Chuck’s young age the pre-test intersect became part of him instead of being a tool like the full intersect was

  2. the Third Star Wars moment was the design of the jail cell it was Identical to the one on the deathstar

  3. appreciate your review of e-mails from viewers.

    Would it be possible to go the Betty White route and get a chuck on SNL campaign going?

    Musical guest Jeffster?

  4. You mentioned, “Who could play Chuck’s mom witha charcter impact like Bakula?” Kate Mulgrew would work perfectly. Hard edged, yet motherly. Also a Captain of a Starship!

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