Episode 053 – Rally, Ratings, and Role Models

We have the full report and videos from the Chuck fan rallies on Monday, May 3rd. Hear about the new Church of Chuck, watch the littlest Nerd Herder eat his name tag, and see fans have a blast spreading the news about Chuck!

Distressed about Chuck’s low ratings on Monday? We break down a surprisingly long list of reasons why you shouldn’t be worried, though we do urge you to watch Chuck live every Monday.

Later, we discuss the latest episode of Chuck, Chuck vs. the Role models, which was written by Phil Klemmer, and stars Fred Willard and Swoosie Kurtz.

We round out the episode with news, spoilers, and of course a little silly dancing!


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One thought on “Episode 053 – Rally, Ratings, and Role Models”

  1. I realize Chuck is a comedy, not high drama but several of the plot tics are getting VERY old. Virtually every problem is centered on someone being very stupid. I mean, rally! Ellie is a doctor, for god’s sake. Why is her character portrayed as being dumb as a sack of bolts? And Chuck and Sarah not trusting each other with the most elementary of relationship building blocks…after 2.5 years of twisting in the wind? The only glimpse of emotional maturing shown by Chuck’s character was when he was drunk. And Sarah has not graduated to love interest. Shouldn’t she give up the mothering? Pretty obvious why renewal is such a problem every season. One plot with minor variations and secondary characters.

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