Episode 039 – Kristin Kreuk Video Interview

Yes, Smallville fans, it’s true! We finally have Gray’s video interview with Kristin Kreuk.  She lights up the screen on Chuck, and she does the same in our podcast!

How is she like her character on Chuck?  And what is special about the way she likes to travel?  Find out here!

We also have updates on Chuck’s solid ratings performance, discussion about the latest Chuck episode, “Chuck vs. First Class,” and lots of spoilers!

Next up: Ryan McPartlin!


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Gray Jones

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6 thoughts on “Episode 039 – Kristin Kreuk Video Interview”

  1. Great podcast! I REALLY loved Kristin’s interview 🙂 I have to admit I have been anxiously waiting for this interview since it was first hinted at several months ago. She was fantastic in Chuck vs First class. She most definitely ‘twinkled’. As a long time Kristin fan, I have enjoyed reading all of the positive reviews and I especially love your awesome comments about her. I am very appreciative to the Chuck online fandom for celebrating her guest stint despite her character possibly being a temporary crinkle to the Chuck&Sarah relationship. Chuck fans are “AWESOME”. If you know anything about the SV fandom you know why I say this lol I am looking forward to tonight’s episode. Thanks to her, I was introduced to this wonderful, fun, and overall great show that I will continue to watch and enjoy even after her departure!

  2. Thank you for the interview! Some great questions in there. Kristin’s too awesome. Really good podcast overall not including the spoilers which I stood away from. Appreciate the warning hah.

  3. Great podcast. I’m really loving the interviews. Mel mentioned in the the spoiler section a post in the forums including a link to a preview with a spoilerish hint. Where was that?
    Thanks guys, and keep up the good work.

  4. Great Podcast with Kristin Kreuk! Through the interview we see that she’s really as sweet as she portrayed Hanna to be.

    No one has mentioned, the Chuck vs White Collar show salute’s to each other. In the Previous Episode of White Collar “Eps 8 (Hard Sell)” Matt Bomer say’s He doesn’t like guns but he knows how to use them! Direct line from Shaw! Matt also say’s he’s a spy! Wink Wink!

    And in this weeks episode of Chuck, Chuck flashes on how to throw a plate, by the graphic of a Skeet launcher, the same type that was used on that White Collar!

    PS. I voted for you on Podcast alley for Jan. Feb.

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