Episode 021 – Yvonne Strahovski Interview

On the eve of NBC’s official announcement, we have an interview with Yvonne Strahovski, who was out of reach in Australia and would have loved to have been part of the rally podcast last week. We also have lots of important news, listener emails, and a recap of how the fan campaigns have been going.

We had way too much to talk about, so we decided to postpone discussion and listener comments about the last four Chuck episodes until next week.

Keep up the good work promoting Chuck! Be sure to keep an eye on ChuckTV.net for the latest news on renewal. Also, watch CNN this week and you might just see Gray on TV!

PLEASE NOTE:  there has been some discussion about why Gray ended the interview when he did.  There is a portion of the recorded interview you do not hear on the podcast, when Yvonne made it clear how long she would go, and that the interview would end when Gray’s visitors arrived. Though it sounds like it was cut short, the interview is actually over three times longer than what she originally committed.


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9 thoughts on “Episode 021 – Yvonne Strahovski Interview”

  1. Oh my gosh thank you so much for having Yvonne on!!!! She is so awesome! That was so funny how she said she lost contact with the outside world..hehe she’s so humble and funny!!

    She’s supporting the subway campaign! Way to go Yvonne!

  2. My husband and I really love this show. I have recruited new viewers, mostly male because I work in federal law enforcement, and  the Sarah factor was a primary factor for the guys I work with. I just know what works with these guys….and it works very well for this lot!.!.!
    We made Chuck night, date night for us, it was and I hope will continue.

  3. oh wow! The Yvonne interview was the highlight. I really wish you would have interviewed her longer since she seldom does interviews.

  4. Thanks for another great podcast guys! It was great hearing about how well our rally campaigns (especially Subway Footlongs) went and finally hearing comments from Sarah Walker herself!  
    Yvonne sounds so sweet and she was right, season 2 hasn’t even aired here in Australia yet! We’re only up to Chuck Vs. The Sandworm (s1).
    Chuck definately deserves another 3rd season and i’d hate NBC forever if they did not renew one of the best well-scripted shows on tv today!

    Keep up the great podcasts guys and Be Awesome and help Save Chuck!

  5. Awesome podcast guys! Gray, that had to be a really difficult decision to hang up with Yvonne to watch the finale. Thanks again for being so awesome!

  6. And Freakburger! You guys just read my comment. I feel famous. Yep…I’m definitely a nerd. 🙂

  7. I could listen to all of you for 2 days. lol Especially now that NBC is delaying the CHUCK VS CANCELLATION  notice until ???? who knows??? May 19th is what I read somewheres…  Looks like I need to buy another book of stamps. KEEP THE PRESSURE ON NBC!!!! Don’t let up (just yet) as all signs and scuttlebutt point in a positive direction. BTW- Gray- Awesome video for CNN. Just flat-out awesome. Thank you for being such a fine spokesperson for our Herd.

  8. I’m dying to hear this. My internet connection has been on the fritz at home for days, so I’m downloading it at work and putting it on a jump drive. The lengths we Chuck fans will go to, huh? Very impressive that you scored this interview and of course, very generous of her to do it. I love everything about this show, but Yvonne’s performance as Sarah most of all.

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