Episode 020 – It’s Rally Time

Hold on to your hats — this week’s podcast features interviews with 16 of the cast and creative team behind Chuck. From London, New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles, they were all eager to reach out and share their gratitude for the fan campaigns, excitement about the finale, and passion for the show.

Hear how they are getting involved too… behind the scenes stories… clues about the finale and their plans for Chuck’s future… and most of all, how you can help NBC make the right decision, and renew Chuck for a third season.

This Monday night is our last chance to boost the ratings before NBC makes their decision, so do whatever you can to get people to watch! And no matter where you are in the world this Monday, go to your nearest Subway and buy a $5 Footlong, fill out a comment card telling them you’re supporting Chuck, and enjoy the sub while you watch the game changing finale!

Visit ChuckTV.net for more details on the campaigns.


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12 thoughts on “Episode 020 – It’s Rally Time”

  1. it was an awesome podscat guys!! But where is the beautiful and talented Yvonne Strahovski????

  2. I just wanted to say thank you so much for this podcast. It was really encouraging and exciting to hear from almost the entire cast and crew. I think they should play this podcast for the NBC execs. How could they refuse a 3rd season after listening to all these guys? So again…thanks! You guys rock!

  3. Hi,

    Yvonne was in Australia and couldn’t be reached.  Actually, it was pretty miraculous that we got everyone else, considering several were out of town or on vacation.


  4. Thanks so much for getting everyone together. I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast, and looking forward to the finale!

  5. I’m new to the podcast, and can’t believe I didn’t get on it sooner.  What a great show yesterday! I really enjoyed hearing from so many of the artists involved in the show – and I was astounded to learn that so many of them pay attention to the fan sites! The SAVE CHUCK campaign has been so much fun to be involved in, and to know that it may really make a difference to the continuance of my favourite show makes it even more important to me. To the Canadian Contingent, I’m wondering if it will have an impact if Canadians buy the Finale Footlong? Thanks for a great podcast!

  6. Thanks for the podcast! It’s great to hear these folks talk about the show. We’ve all got to rally to save Chuck. Join in at SaveChuckBartowski.com

  7. Is Yvonne on some epic Australian road trip right now? I thought she was talking about that in her interview on Last Call a couple weeks ago. Makes sense that she wouldn’t be available.  Podcast is killer, by the way.

  8. @springwagon: Yes, you can make an impact! We’re encouraging Chuck’s international fans to participate in the Finale & A Footlong campaign, too. In fact, Zac Levi and Adam Baldwin will be leading a contingent of British fans to Subway tomorrow during the T1 Starfury convention!

  9. The podcast was brilliant.  If there was ever a reason for fans to be involved in the Save Chuck campaign (apart from enjoying the show, that is) it is the fact that we are supporting people who recognize and are appreciative of the support we’re giving them.  It is nice to see the mutual respect and appreciation and the understanding on both sides that without the fans there would be no show and without a show there are no fans.  (I’m not sure if any of that made sense, but I certainly hope so!)

    Also, it was amazingly edited.  I’m guessing Gray edited it?  Well, it’s obvious you edit for a living, sir.  Well done! 🙂

  10. Hey  guys . Wish you best of luck from Australia . Even my friends in  Malaysia and Maldives have been  working hard flooding NBC and subway with emails and signing petitions and basically spreading the word . Chuck makes me happy and  life without it would be very bleak .

  11. Mel, thanks for the encouragement. We’re going for it – footlongs for the family, right after soccer practice!  I sure hope this works.

  12. All these things everyone’s doing i hope to god they work… every word out of my mouth to everyone has been “do you watch chuck? if you do go to this site and do this if you don’t still go to this site and do this.” I live in Chicago and the chuck fan base is amazing you wouldn’t believe it it runs from the youngest children to the oldest people – everyone loves this show it’s on our hearts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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