Episode 018 – Chuck vs. MI6

The MI6 arc generated a ton of listener comments… Mel and Liz share their own thoughts, as well as those of our listeners.

They also talk about the “Watch, Buy, Share” fan campaign, and some juicy spoilers too!


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3 thoughts on “Episode 018 – Chuck vs. MI6”

  1. So, I stopped by the store on my way home from work today.  During said drive, I happened to be listening to your fantastic podcast where I heard about the ‘Watch it, Buy it, Share it’ campaign.  Upon entering the aforementioned store, I happened to see Chuck Season 1 . . . on sale.  

    Seriously, how could I NOT participate?!?

    So two down (Watch it & Buy it) and one to go . . . now I’ve just got to set my plan to indoctrinate any and all around me who haven’t yet seen it in motion. 🙂

    Here’s hoping for a third season even more incredible than the first two have been!

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that though it might have been ‘girly’ I deeply enjoyed your discussion of Cole and his accent/chest.  Both, in my view, are equally endearing and attractive, but what really gets me is that fantastic English dry wit and charm.  *sigh* I’m SUCH a sucker for it!

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