Episode 004 – Paleyfest

We have a surprisingly packed episode this week… Our gal on the street, Roz, brought back an entertaining report from Paleyfest, complete with photos. Out of the panel discussion came lots of stories, news and even some spoilers…

We also talk about the Chuck comic book, Comic-Con San Diego, international air dates, viewer polls, lots of listener emails, and more!


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6 thoughts on “Episode 004 – Paleyfest”

  1. I just wanted to mention that the photos in the AAC version of the podcast are now much higher resolution.  — so if you view it in Quicktime Player, iTunes, an AppleTV, iPhone, or iPod Touch, the resolution should be noticeably better.  

    For optimal viewing I suggest either downloading it off the web site and playing in Quicktime Player (the link in the lower right corner of this page), or playing it in iTunes and making your “now playing” window bigger.  On the Mac, you can click in the “Now Playing” viewer and it will open a separate window — I’m not sure if the PC will do this.


  2. Wonderful update guys!
    The Paleyfest was absolutely a fun evening. Definitely a high energy night and I spent most of it laughing. 🙂 The panel has 12 people (and I thought we would get everyone on the show up there, but apparently, Sarah Lancaster wasn’t there. 🙁 ).

    And yes, Tim and team did an amazing job in the soundtrack! I would definitely support that!

  3. another great podcast – been eagerly awaiting it, and so glad to hear you guys again.

    Been busy pimping chuck in the UK to all my friends, so hoping they all fall in love with the show, just like I have!

  4. wheres the next podcast? You guys said it would be in early may and it’s almost june! Is the podcast dead?

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