Episode 003 – The Strike is Over!

The strike is over– what’s next for Chuck?

We also talk about international airings, the Paley festival, Gray’s new TV series, listener emails, and more!


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Gray Jones

Reality & lifestyle TV editor / writer located in Los Angeles. Host of Chuck vs. the Podcast and the TV Writer Podcast, Partner of Script Magazine (http://tvwriterpodcast.com). Follow Gray on Twitter: http://twitter.com/GrayJones. Visit Gray's IMDB page: http://imdb.me/GrayJones. Gray's YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/GrahamAJones.

7 thoughts on “Episode 003 – The Strike is Over!”

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to say thanks for another fab podcast, really enjoyed listening to what happens next with Chuck… although shame that there isn’t more new stuff until the fall.

    Gray – hope your new job goes well! Liz and mel you are both very pretty!!

    Cannot wait for the next podcast.

  2. Good show, We could possibly start our own conspiracy theories about the show and a few unknowns. casey seems to be the most popular as to what will happen with him.

  3. you guys rock

    my real name adora and everyone started to call me dora the explorer so i decided that i would call myself dora the explorer.lol
    and liz you are alway pretty and you 2 mel.

    you guy are the best cuz i was at quebec for the last week and went i got home it was like 10:00pm and the first thing i did was check out the new podcast you guys did. you guys rock.

  4. one more thing …

    i got credited in this podcast you guys rock there is no other podcast better then this one.

  5. Hi,
    Just wanna let you know that i ( and i think also the rest of us ) miss you.
    I know that there is not much to report now that chuck has temporary stop airing. But please come back more often =)

  6. Hi guys! Amazing job this you’re doing! I began listening to you two days ago and now I can’t stop. Lots of thanks from Spain!

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