Episode 001 – Yvonne Strahovski Interview

Our first episode! We are so excited at the doors that have opened already… Yvonne Strahovski, who plays Agent Sarah Walker on the show, is our first interview!

Other features include: updates on the writers strike, spoilers for the next two episodes airing January 24th, what the cast is up to during the hiatus, and some of the fan resources you can find on the web.

Up next week: music composer Tim Jones.


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Gray Jones

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9 thoughts on “Episode 001 – Yvonne Strahovski Interview”

  1. greatest PODCAST ever!!! thanks guys…. the video had some problems playing but I subscribe to my iTunes and it works perfectly. keep it up you guys.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the kind comments!  As for the video playback here…  The iTunes and Podcast Alley subscriptions are handled by a different server that is a little faster than this one…  I will do my best to switch this site to the faster server before the next episode.

    Thanks, Gray.

  3. well done on the interview great to hear from Yvonne Strahovski… really hope the strike will end already. so glad there is something to look forward to after all of this episodes have been aired.

    *Liz is pretty 😀

  4. Great job!  Glad I found your podcast.  Hey, Liz really is pretty btw!  🙂  (Pic doesn’t do her justice.)
    Can’t wait to listen next time.

  5. Great podcast
    Yvonne Talks about what languages she knows and she mentions that there is a bit swedish in episode 3 so im going to translate them for you
    She says
    “Om jag slänger nycklarna till dig komer du tappa dem då?”
    In English
    If i throw you the keys, will you drop them then?

  6. Hi,

    thanks for your kind comments!  I think you will really like the interview with the music composer Tim Jones.

    – Gray.

  7. Wow, love the podcast.
    Great work, guys \o/
    I’m from Brazil and I loove Chuck. Sarah is my favorite and the interview with Yvonne was awesome, thanks!!
    Can’t wait for next x)
    Question (for all): what’s your favorite episode?!


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