Any questions for the Chuck cast & crew?

I’ll be interviewing some of the Chuck cast & crew while I am in L.A. At this point, I don’t know who yet, but if you have any questions you would like to ask any of them, please share them in the comments of this post.

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25 thoughts on “Any questions for the Chuck cast & crew?”

  1. 1) Since Ellie is a Bartowski and has the Bartowski genes, will Ellie ever have the intersect uploaded into her?

    2) Will we get more story line about Chuck’s Mother or Sarah’s Mother this season?

    3) The relationship between Chuck and Sarah has been an emotional roller coaster for Chuck since the beginning, will there be an episode where Chuck goes off with Casey without Sarah’s knowledge to put some distance between himself and Sarah just to clear his head? In other words will there be an episode where Chuck just says to Casey “I need a break from this whole relationship thing with Sarah”, how about we get out of town for the weekend.

    4) Will Sarah get a chance to tell Chuck how she feels about him, for once, without him interrupting her?

    5) And a question for any one of them or all of them….what is their favorite episode from Season 1 and what is their favorite episode from Season 2?

  2. good questions, WindFarmer! gray, if you’re looking for more fan questions, nick c solicited some a few months back; there’s a whole list of them at (they’re mostly directed to josh and and chris, tho.) perhaps some will pique your curiosity too.

    some good ones i’d be interested in getting answers to include (in no particular order):

    1. Has it been established that “Jenny Burton” is Sarah’s real name? The final Sarah/Agent Graham conversation in “Cougars” seemed to suggest that that might just have been her cover name in San Diego. (asked by Tom)

    2.The Fulcrum storyline seemed to get casually thrown aside at the end of season 2 with the introduction of The Ring. Although Fulcrum is weakened and hardly the most important nemesis, there must still be plenty of Fulcrum baddies out there. More importantly there has been enough interaction between Fulcrum and our fave heroes that you would think Chuck, Casey and Sarah have been exposed and are at risk. Will Fulcrum continue to provide an annoyance for the trio as they seek out answers about The Ring, or is the Ring a common enemy that may see an alliance between the government and remaining Fulcrum agents? (asked by Nikky)

    3. Was there anything you put into the show you wish you could take back? (asked by John from Poughkeepsie, NY)

    4. The code name Omaha has come up multiple times. When chuck was in college he was going ot be recruited to project Omaha, bryce tells sarah “we will always have Omaha.” The Omaha project was referenced again in v. the Suburbs. is there ever going to be explanation in an episode where we learn the relevance of “Omaha”, or is it just random lines trying to tie in casablanca? (Drew, Draper, Utah)

    5. what are the chances we might see Team Bartowski on out-of-town missions (even if they have to be done on sets given the budget cuts)? With Chuck stating that “they” are the best team in the agency (with which even Casey agreed), and Chuck now having some abilities, that only makes them better. (besides, how many bad guys can there be in Burbank?) (Brandon)

    6. Will we see more development of the relationships between Sarah, Ellie, and Anna, independent of their boyfriend intermediaries, in the upcoming season? (Dan in Berkeley)

    7. More Sarah/Casey back-story, please! Regarding Sarah’s family: does she have a sister, as she referenced in Chuck vs. the Wookie? if so, is Carina that sister? And along with Chuck and Sarah’s moms, who’s Casey’s mom — who calls him Johnny-boy?

    8. The bracelet Chuck gave Sarah seemed to be significant. All the fans thought it would play an integral part to the story, but Sarah wore it only a few times. Was there a bigger story and/or significance for the bracelet planned, and if it was, why was it cut? or will it make a reappearance? (Jo, Florida)

    9. DVD questions: do they know when it will be released? Can they tell us anything about the special features we can expect on the Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray? I would like for them to expand the “Chuck on Chuck” feature to include all the main cast members choosing a favorite scene or two and talking about it 🙂 (Brendan-Philadelphia(ish)) Will there be deleted scenes on the Season 2 DVDs? (K, Seattle)

    10. a question of lesser importance: Sarah had to leave her porsche in vs. the Colonel. will she get it (or a different porsche) back, just as Casey got another crown vic after his original exploded in vs. the Crown Vic?

    11. I’d really like to know if we’ll see an episode from the perspective of a different character in S3? I’d love it we got a “Sarah vs. …” and a “Casey vs. …” episode, which changes up the POV from Chuck for a moment. It would be neat to play with that format…it’s Chuck’s show, but I think that would make for a cool episode…the Handlers vs. Chuck 2.0! (Wendy, Pennsylvania)

  3. This is the question (for Schwartz & Fedak) that has been gnawing at me forever:

    Do you know how the series will end? Is there a point where you will just end it because you have told the story you set out to tell, or if given the opportunity (its picked up for s.4, 5, 6, etc.)will you keep it going? And if we do not get to see it play out (the show is cancelled) then would you be willing to let the fans know how it wouldve ended?

    I hope I got that across right. Thanks Gray!

  4. Gray,

    I will ask the obvious question that everybody wants to know…

    Considering that the show is very much on the bubble, would it not make sense to engage Chuck and Sarah in an honest relationship close to the beginning of the season so that the fans of the show can experience the ups and downs of their interactions together within a relationship as opposed to simply putting them together at the very end of the season without any idea if the show survives? Sarah will never open herself up to her back stories without being in a real and committed relationship. Doesn’t Sarah’s backstory and also how she conducts herself in a real time relationship seem infinitely more interesting than what happens at the Buy More or the Fulcrum baddie plotline of the week?

    Would it not seem like a mindboggling waste to risk the show getting cancelled without actually having Chuck and Sarah interact as a couple with the simply endless source of intrigue that would arise from dating somebody as complicated as Sarah Walker?

  5. 1.Any reason why all the female guess stars/ villians been dark headed. To date no blondes other than our favorite female spy.

    2.About when can we expect to see Anna return to show …Episode(s) ?

    3. Please TELL Zachary stop comparing the Chuck/Sarah relationship to Ross and Rachel. He’e seriously bumming out the forum fan base. It’s not the same dynamic

  6. Hi,

    thanks for all the questions! I’ll do my best to compile them and have them at the ready depending on who I talk to.

    I fixed the link to my blog — first post will be tonight, though there’s not much to tell yet.


  7. excellent, gray! thanks so much for the opportunity 🙂 looking forward to reading more from you. safe travels and have fun!

  8. Thanks Gray for being an ambassador for those of us who have questions. Here are a few of mine.

    1. Regarding Schwartz’ comment at Comic Con, “Something very emotional and dramatic will have happened between Chuck and Sarah. And it’s going to be very dramatic.” Is this still on track and will it end up bringing them them closer together as a couple or will it work to keep them apart?

    2. Will Scott Bakula be making a return as Chuck’s father this season and will they get to work together on a mission?

    3. Can you do an interview with Yvonne and ask her how her role as Sarah has changed her career, how she compares and contrasts the US with Australia, and what goals she has for herself in the future? (It would just be nice to know more about her as Zach has been such a public face in helping to promote Chuck and keeping in touch with the fans.)

    4. What is the name of Stephen Bartowski’s arm computer invention that both he and Chuck used and will we see it again in Season 3?

    5. Everyone is calling the new Intersect 2.0 Yet Stephen Bartowski called the old Intersect 2.0 at Roark Industries just before he attempted to get the Intersect out of Chuck’s head. So if the old Intersect was 2.0 how can the new one be 2.0?

  9. One other question for Yvonne if you get to talk to her. How would she describe Sarah Walker and in what ways is she like Sarah and what ways is she not like Sarah?

    I am enjoying reading your daily California trip blogs. It is heartening to hear that there are so many quality individuals that you are meeting and how that can help to explain why Chuck has such an appeal to so many. Best wishes as you attempt to test the waters for your career and your family’s future!

  10. Okay, so I had a question for whoever handles getting guest stars.

    Is there a possibility of getting Summer Glau on the show as either a bad guy or fellow agent or even a family member of Sarah or Casey? She’s such a strong actress and I think she would bring a whole lot of interesting action to a show.

    Also a question for Yvonne, does she feel overwhelmed when working with Zach and Adam? It just seems like the two of them would be overwhelming and she’s the only female in that group, there isn’t really that much Sarah and Ellie or Sarah and Anna interaction

    Thanks for asking the questions Gray, and have fun!!!

  11. Two questions for any or all of the cast:

    1) If you had a choice, who would you like to guest star on Chuck?

    2) Which character from S1 or S2 would you most like to see return?

    Hope you get some good stuff Gray! I’m so jealous.

  12. 1) How many episodes will the arc for Kristin and Brandon and is there more to them than just rival love interest for Chuck and Sarah?
    2)What was it like working with both of them?
    3)What details are they on Armand Assante’s character
    4)Are they plans for Tony Hale to return?
    5)What challenges will Awesome face in keeping Chuck’s secret?

  13. Tell Zachary, Adam and Yvonne they are doing a gret job!

    Will Kristin have a scenes with Adam? I whould like that 😀

  14. these are for yvonne:

    Apart from the great cast of Chuck, who would you like to work with?

    Do you believe Eastern European women descend from the Amazons? 🙂

    Would you like to have dinner sometime? 🙂 🙂

  15. Are there any plans for Kristin to film any fight scenes?

    Does she know Hannah’s arc in advance and how is she liking her character so far?

  16. What is one of your favorite blooper moments?

    What was one of the most challenging scenes for you to act out?

    Would Kristin ever consider acting in a comedic television show long-term?

  17. For Kristin – It seems like she wanted a departure from TV, what about Chuck made you want to return?

    Are you just a guest star or is there a chance you could become a regular?!

  18. For KRISTIN:
    will Hannah turn out a spy?
    will Hannah kick ass?
    will Hannah hook up with chuck or shaw?
    will Hannah be in alot eps?
    will you back in doing movie soon?
    will you date me?

  19. Wow, lots of responses!

    I’ll do my best to bubble it all down — I probably will only have 3-5 minutes with each person (as compared to our usual 30-60 minutes), so I can’t promise which questions I’ll be able to get to. Also, it’s likely I will be able to get one photo with each person — it’s doubtful I’ll get more.

    Please note that I of course will not be able to ask personal questions of the cast (like phone numbers, etc.)


  20. For Kristin: What made you consider this role which seems to stray from your usual characters?

    What are your long-term plans in the film industry, and are you planning on more movies versus TV shows?


    You’re gorgeous, and I have been a fan way back since your Snow White days. Best wishes from Malaysia!

    P.S Hope to see you in an indie film with a really good script that fleshes out the great actress you are inside!! Small steps, big rewards…

    Love, your biggest fan that’s crazy about you,

  21. 1. Would love to see what’s happened with Mama Bartowski. Where is she; what is she doing? Is she hiding or in captivity?

    2. Definitely more Casey back story. I’d like to see him out of his comfort zone or having NOT to be the badass. Absolute crack request – Casey and Chuck, undercover in a male transvestite bar/club? Can Casey sell it, LOL?!!!

    3. PLEASE – a more overtly musical episode of ‘Chuck’. Gilbert & Sullivan is out of copyright… Casey = Pirate King. WIN! Mabel = Sarah. Frederic = Chuck!

    4. Casey’s Mum = Dame Judi Dench. Yes, she can do a very good American accent!

    5. Who were the four [literally] shadowy ‘boss’ figures that Arnold Vosloo’s character encountered?

    6. Any chance of an ‘Avengers’ nod in Season 3?

    7. John McKinley and Zach Braff in ‘Chuck’ – obviously doing a JD/Cox dynamic – meeting Chuck/Casey having similar!

    8. Any chance of a Green Card so that I can be an extra [LOL]?

    My special love and greetings to Adam ;-).

  22. 1. would chucks identity will remain as a secret or morgan or someone else will know?
    2. will chuck and sarah be a couple or still not?

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