106 – It’s A Wrap!

All things must end… as Chuck aired it’s 91st and final episode in January, this 107th podcast will be our last. It has been a wild ride! When our podcast first aired in January 2008, none of us could have ever imagined the journey we would take together.

In our 164th interview, AOL TV critic Mo Ryan is back with us one more time, helping us to get perspective on Chuck’s 5 seasons. We also have a retrospective of significant moments we’ve had along the way, and at the end, Mel, Liz, and Gray spend some time reminiscing on what the experience has meant to us personally.

Thanks so much for supporting us along the way… March is heading to be our 40th consecutive month as the world’s #1 TV-themed podcast, and it’s all because of your votes! You’ve supported us with generous donations at crucial times, Amazon and Chuckazon purchases, thousands of emails, encouragement on Twitter and Facebook, and so much more.

Thanks also to the cast and crew of Chuck, who have not only brought us characters and a story that we engaged with over their exciting journey, but who have opened their hearts to us off-screen as well.

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Gray Jones

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33 thoughts on “106 – It’s A Wrap!”

  1. Chuck me. Thanks for the 100+ shows of Chuck-tastic goodness, guys. As Bryce Larkin would say: It’s hard to say goodbye.

  2. Just perfect, thanks you for Chuck years YOU have just make perfect series with perfect actors … thanks all, thanks Yvonne

  3. Can say, had a really awesome journey with chuck. A good team always makes good. And the best thing with chuck, it has been all so equally thrilling and exciting from its very first episode till today. And yes, it will be really tough to say goodbye, to berak bonds with chuck and sarah and to break the everyday routine of sitting in front of T.V. on time…

  4. Thanks for your podcasts and all your hard work. I’m still suffering from Chuck withdrawal but your site helped.
    P.S. Check the Warner Brothers site for awesome deals on Chuck series DVD’s.

  5. Thanks all for your kind comments!

    And thanks Judy for the tip on the DVDs. Chuckazon usually has the best prices, but this sale at the WB store is even better!


  6. I get it…writers get to write….But the writers only got to write this because the fans did so much for the show year after year… I didn’t need a perfect finale, but I REALLY didn’t need one where they invalidated Chuck and Sarah’s relationship for the previous five years.

  7. I didn’t like the way the finale ended. So they REALLY need to do one more new season to fix the problem! 🙂

  8. Actually, in all seriousness, the finale was ok. The finale would have been perfect, in my opinion, if they would have even hinted at Sarah flashing when they kiss. Or maybe even not hinting, but ending the whole series with the flash “visual effect”, with images of their past together. That would have made everything feel complete without seeming out of character with the show. But we got what we got.

  9. Thanks to the podcasters for their dedication and providing such a great historical snapshot of one of my favourite tv shows.

    Loved the musical closeout to this podcast. Such a haunting sound (in a good way).

    Regarding the ending of Chuck, I liked how every character ended up except for Chuck and Sarah…..too open for interpretation. That is fine in any episode except for the last one with a show for which the emotional heart is the relationship between these two characters.
    I Would really have loved a different, happier ending…..


  10. The ending sucked. You can pontificate all you want, and find courage in the decision to end in this fashion, but there was no reason to end a “feel good” show so poorly. HOW MANY FANS WANTED CHUCK AND SARAH TO END LIKE THIS? No WAY did they please the majority of the people. NO WAY.

    Brutal ending…

    And to Mel…if we are not the writers, we should just sit back and accept it?

    You guys are NUTS to think that a feel good ending would have been a problem. Wussing out? Such a miss. Had it ended differently, people wouldn’t feel a sense of betrayal…and talking about it after the fact is NOT good. THAT’S a cheap device to try and remain relevant.

  11. Hi all,

    I really appreciate your comments, and respect your opinions. However, I must ask that you please keep your comments respectful.

    I have a friend who doesn’t like ice cream. I do. He is not stupid because he doesn’t like it, and I am not stupid because I do. Neither of us is being dishonest — we just like different things.

    I genuinely loved the finale. Genuinely. I see where you’re coming from if you didn’t like it, but I don’t have to agree, and I’m not a lesser person if I don’t (nor do I think you are a lesser person for having a different opinion than me).

    I should mention that the survey run by ChuckTV.net was a fair and unbiased survey, and showed that the majority of people were satisfied with the finale. That said, there was a strong minority who didn’t — and I was clear about this in the podcast, that I respect this strong minority, and respect your opinions. Mo Ryan also shared that she understands why some people would have a problem with it.

    But we don’t have to agree, nor do I expect you to share my opinion.


  12. Din’t like the finale. It was such a letdown. But I still like a lot of the show (mostly the first 3 seasons), I just need to pretend the last 3 or 4 episodes don’t exist!

  13. I loved the ending. I thought it was perfect. For me I’ve never been more satisfied with a TV show from start to finish. I understand there are people who hated it and I’m really sorry that. I’ve been there too with other shows I passionately cared about. However, I’m glad I finally got to “win one” with this one.

  14. When and where was this poll? Who had access to it and what are the demographics for this poll? I didn’t see any poll and didn’t get to vote, and I’m sure many others like me that hated the ending didn’t get a chance to cast their vote for lack of awareness.

    Polls like that are inherently flawed and sample groups can be skewed so I call shenanigans on your so called “majority” of fans who liked the ending.

    I still maintain that the ending was not what the hard-core fans wanted nor were expecting.
    What’s wrong with a happy ending that is gratuitous when you know the chapter is finished and the book is closed, never to be re-opened?

    The biggest problem that we, the true “relationship” oriented fans, had with the ending is that we felt cheated. All of the progress that Chuck and Sarah had made as a couple and all of their plans that we were lead to believe would come to fruition were wiped away and trashed as if by careless and thoughtless whim.

    I agree with the others that choose to ignore the final 3-4 episodes than to accept, as sheep, whatever we are fed just because the writers got lazy.

    As for the cast, I love the chemistry between all of the actors and I wish them great success in their future endeavors and I hope to see them together again in something new. A truly terrific ensemble cast.

  15. loved the show and supported it til the very end.

    what a shame..it was such an awesome show!

    Appreciate effort from all the cast and dedicated work from people behind the tv making this all happen. I could see the heart that went into every episode and that’s what was special about the show.

    And now i’m left with the problem of what to watch when Chuck is not around…*sigh*

  16. Hi,

    the poll was at ChuckTV.net, which has 200,000 regular monthly visitors, and several times more than that the week after the finale.

    So… over half a million people (estimated) had a chance to see the poll, and over 4000 of those decided to vote. That’s a better selection than you’ll get in many political polls, which brag an accuracy of within a couple of percentage points.

    Here it is:


  17. Chuck…come back, come back Chuck! I am wearing out my dvd’s… thanks for the memories!!!

  18. Thanks for the link Gray, but I still hold that internet polls are inherently flawed and can be easily manipulated.

    For instance, I myself have helped friends win contests with the simple act of voting from 3 different browsers on the same computer – multiply that by 3-4 computers in my home and that’s alot of repeat votes. Then multiply that number by how much free time I have and the fact that I can easily change the ip on my router, clear my cache, and start the process all over again….including breaking it down to just one computer and one browser with cache cleaning between votes.

    Then add that number to as many friends as I can get to join me in voting my way.

    So no, I’m sorry, I don’t trust internet polls for anything.

    The website quotes visitor numbers at “around 102,000/mo – forum visitors not included” and of those “4,103 people took the survey, compared to 2,131 in May 2011. This represents about 4% of the average visitors per month to ChuckTV.net during season 5”

    The fact that I, who have been watching Chuck since episode one, have never been to the site (for lack of knowledge of it, and no time for hunting down all sites other than NBC’s official site) didn’t get to vote in this poll, is more indicative of the lack of attention and fans that were removed from the equation.

    I don’t know many Chuck fans locally but of the fans I do know, all but 1 was disappointed with the end. And that one was in the “I guess it was ok” group.

    Just saying that internet polls are as innacurate as pre-columbian world maps…and I put no stock in their results.


  19. Fantastic -ending to a great show- I will miss all you guys -I wish all of you the very best at whatever you decide to do !!!!!!! E.J. Jahnes

  20. I was a big fan of the show for its entire run and I can’t believe it is over. I also very much enjoyed this podcast which, along with the Chuck message board on NBC.com, made watching this show a unique experience for me in many ways.

    About the finale and the reaction to the finale… I enjoyed the episode, but I have not really enjoyed the discourse that has taken place since it aired. I didn’t expect everyone to like the finale as I did, but in every place where I’ve seen it discussed, I’ve gotten the sense from some of the people that didn’t like it or even hated it that there is/was only one valid reaction to have towards the finale and that was theirs.

    Any attempt to defend the episode itself or the powers that be who conceived it has been met with hostility. An example of that would be all the talk about the poll that was mentioned in this podcast. I can only imagine what the people trashing the poll would have said about it had the results been more in line with their opinion of the finale than the other way around. I bet that they wouldn’t be here questioning the integrity and merits of online polling as a form of mass opinion gathering. It’s being made to sound like it was this big conspiracy to make sure that the positive view of the episode was the view that won out and I don’t get that at all.

    Just because you personally don’t hear about something, it doesn’t mean that what happens there doesn’t count, is invalid or is in some way tainted or lacking in integrity. Were the people who disliked or hated the episode that voted in the poll incapable of doing the same things that the people who liked it are being accused of doing or are you saying that those people would never think of doing that because they have more integrity than the people who liked the finale?

    You try to offer up an explanation as to why you think they did the ending the way they did it and the response is, more often than not, “That’s a bunch of crap. Don’t make excuses for them. It was lazy writing, pure and simple.” I mean, you’ve got people who liked the finale largely taking differing opinions in stride saying, “Agree to disagree. You didn’t like it and I did. That’s fine.” I’m not going to say that the people who liked it always come off as that level headed or that the people who didn’t like it or hated it always come off as that arrogant and full of themselves, because I’m sure that there have been plenty of largely civil discussions about it in my different forums, but in the places I’ve been, this is the kind of stuff I’ve witnessed.

    I get having passion for something that you spent years of your life watching and interacting with people about, and I get being frustrated and even angry when it doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped it would, but it goes too far when you start accusing writers of being lazy and when you basically accuse the people who liked the ending of either being sheep who would have eaten up anything the writers threw together or of having lower standards of quality simply because you disagree with how the series should have ended. It cuts at the professionalism of the people involved in making the show when you refer to the writing as “lazy” just because you’d have done it different and frankly, I don’t like being called a “sheep” simply because I enjoyed an episode of a TV show and you didn’t. Don’t insult my ability to think for myself and know what I like or dislike.

    As I mentioned earlier, I often read and wrote on the Chuck message board at NBC.com and I’ve done so for a couple of other shows in the last few years as well. I saw it as a unique way to share the fan experience with other people I never would have otherwise met and to be able to talk about the shows we all supposedly loved in a safe environment, and after having done it a few times and seeing what inevitably happens in every forum I visited, I decided that it was no longer worth it. I’ve seen far too much intolerance of others’ opinions (usually in the form of someone accusing whomever held a positive view of an episode or storyline of being “sheep” when they themselves thought the episode or storyline was “crap” or “lazy writing”. It usually devolved into a flame war from there.) and I’ve seen too many boards and forums almost collapse because of that intolerance to want to have that experience again. It’s a shame really. There are a lot of creative, interesting and intelligent people on those boards who really do seem to love the shows they talk about. It’s the people who think that their opinion isn’t being accurately represented who usually touch off the eventual destruction of discourse when they decide to try to bully people into listening to them and validate their opinion.

    End of long-winded diatribe. Had to get that off my chest. Carry on.

  21. I started watching Chuck when I was 12, and I’ve always been a dedicated viewer. I started watching back in 2007, and remained loyal to the end. While I watched every season, I was to young to even realize all the behind the scenes activities that were going on. I didn’t realize that Chuck was on the chopping block, and that the fans saved it with their Subway sandwiches (if I had known, you know I would have been eating there every chance I got.) I just showed up to get my weekly dose of action, comedy, drama, romance, and everything else from Chuck.

    I also never even knew of these podcasts until a week or two ago. I’ll definitely try to go back and catch as many as I can.

    As for the finale, I hated it at first. I was disappointed as soon as Sarah downloaded the glitchy intersect. From the first season we saw Chuck transform from a nerd herder to a hero. We saw Casey slowly, but surely show a soft side. We saw Morgan transform from the funny best friend, to the master spy. And when Sarah downloaded that glitchy intersect, we saw Sarah transform from the cold spy that eventually adjusted to normal life, but then all her character development was taken away. I was really hoping to see more of a happy ending.

    But after rewatching every episode, I am slowly warming to the finale. Sure, I wish that Sarah never lost her memories, and sure I wish the series would go on forever, but at least we got closure. And at least we get to come up with our own conclusion. I like to think that the final kiss lifted the “emotional rock” (Chuck 4.08) and Sarah flashed on all her memories. It would have been nice to actually see, but at least I am allowed to fill in my conclusion.

    I know it’s a long shot, but I’d love to see a Chuck season 6 or Chuck movie. I know it’s all about money and ratings, but how could someone not want to pick up this show? It’d did decent for Friday nights, and would have likely done better had it not had tough competition from the start. Zach Levi said the fans should get a kickstarter going for a Chuck the movie. I think that would be a great idea, to show that Chuck fans won’t go down without a fight.

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